Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recording Tip 13: In Protools, the “Equal Power” crossfade will usually work best

You have a few options in making your crossfades. This is the one that I prefer, and again is also Bob Clearmountain’s preference. Using this setting will make it much more likely that the crossfade is inaudible. You can make it the default settings in the Preferences


  1. I've always found the opposite to be true. Equal gain sounds best to me more often than not for music and dialog editing. Equal Power works better when you need to mash two unrelated sounds together or when the edit is not at a zero crossing.

    Having the fade in the right place and for the right length makes the more (in)audible difference.

    Just my experience.


  2. Equal power crossfades are recommended in instances where you're crossfading between different types of musical material. Whatever method you use to create crossfades, you need to be careful what to include in them.
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  3. I find it works not just with different material, but with the same. The default setting often has a audible drop in dB in the middle...which you can see by the graphic. That's the very thing Clearmountain said in an interview and why he asks for that when people send him songs to mix.

    But that's me...and there are times I'll do it differently. The key of course is to listen to every crossfade you make and be sure it's good!