Thursday, March 24, 2011

Recording Tip 12: Never consolidate your files for your mixer. If they need to fix an overlooked bad edit, they can do it

This is one of those things in which some may disagree. But this is also the preference Bob Clearmountain states on his website. If you’re really good and listen carefully, then go ahead and consolidate the file. But you better be very sure all punches, etc are good before you turn in the fiiles to be mixed. I don’t mind mixing files which have punches. And I can’t count the number if times I’ve fixed bad breaths and other bad punches so please clean them up. But if in doubt, don’t consolidate the regions. If you do, you may have your mixer call you up asking you to fix it.

One last thing, when you’re done, select all the regions and use the “Lock” command (this is in Protools) so that during the mix, there won’t be any accidental deletions of a file. If the mixer wants to change something, they can still do it.

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