Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recording Tip 11: When done recording, clean up your regions. Delete things not to be heard and clean up all punches and edits

There are few things which can bust a groove more when mixing than to have to stop and cleanup all the garbage left over from the recording session. Remember your mixer is getting paid for their time. And cleaning up regions is about as musical as doing taxes. It’s not a part of the mixing process and requires your mixer to stop thinking musically, but go into "cleanup mode" and you lose precious mix time.

Put fade ins and outs on all regions. And where there are punches, crossfade with the "Equal Power" fade and make sure they all sound good and natural. Also, I prefer any region not to be used to be deleted, not muted. If I see a muted region I then wonder if it’s something you may want, but not sure of. If that’s the case, and you're not certain, put it on a separate track marked “alternate” or something like that. I also ask that all extra takes and tracks, including midi tracks, to be deleted so the only things in the session are things to be used. Your mixer isn’t a mind reader. Let them know that what you want is what you give them.


  1. I definitely agree about sprucing things up. On the other hand, there have been a few times when being able to see the MIDI tracks has saved my ass (or should I say the client's ass?) big time.

    I'd rather be able to go back and deal with the forensics if needed...

    Not to rag on Pro tools, but in Digital Performer, I keep unused elements in a different sequence. I'm not sure if you can do that in PT...

    Enjoying your blog BTW!

  2. Thanks for your comments Reed. I'd never want to see the midi tracks as I'm mixing recorded audio, but that can be different of course for others.

    My advice is to to a "Save as" and call it "pre mix prep" or something like that. You can then always go back and get things you need. Then clean everything up and call it "Mix Ready."

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